23 November

What Action Should I Take Against Domain Registrar?

I had purcahsed a .COM domain name from urlpk(dot)com Domain Registrar and web hosting company from 2009 to 2013. I had a lot of issues with domain. Whenever I tried to contact their support team, they never responded me. After sending them dozens of emails, sometimes I got a response, but most times I get no response at all. Now my domain is going to expire in second week of next month and finally I decided to transfer my domain to another domain registrar. When I tried to login to my account, I found their customer area page (where I should login) is down. I have been contacting them using all means but getting no response. Today I emailed them more than a dozen time and I’m sure they will never respond me. They will only respond me when I”ll ask them for renewal of domain because they will get $20 for it. Then they will shut their mouth for one year.
I’m planning to sue this company in court. Please suggest me what action I can take against them. And how I can release my domain from them before it expires.
I know I will have to contact the new registrar and already contacted new registrar before asking this question. The problem is that the login page of old registrar is down for weeks and I can[‘t login there to get authorization code. and without authorization code I cannot transfer domain.
I know I will have to contact the new registrar and already contacted new registrar before asking this question. The problem is that the login page of old registrar is down for weeks and I can[‘t login there to get authorization code. and without authorization code I cannot transfer domain.

they are reseller for PublicDomainRegistry.com (http://www.resellerclub.com/). Contact Resllerclub, explain the problem, and tell them that their reseller is not responding.


Can you login at the Login link? here: http://urlpk.supersite.myorderbox.com/domain.php

3 November

How do I get blocked address to accept a domain?

Followed online help that said to enter just the domain to save to block address list. It won’t add just a domain. Requires whole address?

Hi Diane,

It should allow you to block a domain, so long as you’re using the correct format. Check out the example in this article:


The example is ‘uol.com.br’ which shows it needs to the be the entire end of the email addresses that you’re trying to block.

In trying this I was actually able to replicate what you’re stating here but found that adding ‘***@’ to the beginning of the email allowed it to be added to the blocked list. I will take this information to our engineers and our content management team and make sure we’re providing the correct information to our customers.

Thank you for pointing out this issue!

3 November

where do domain registrars get domain names from?

When you get a domain name you purchase from a Domain Registrar (ie godaddy) but how/where do they get the domains?

they wont get domain name from some where,they just do registration
if u have any name(abc) u can check the name is avil or not (ex:abc.com)if the name is avail u can register ur desired name as your domain for more details about domain reg reach http://www.tucktail.com/

1 November


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1 November

ParkLogic videos – Domain Management

ParkLogic founder, Michael Gilmour discusses why Domain Management is a crucial part of extracting the maximum amount of value from your domain portfolio.

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1 November

Cheap Domain Hosting // Side by Side Comparison!!

Cheap Domain Hosting – Comparison Site ///

I hope you find my video helpful to you and find your cheap doamin hosting.


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19 October

How do we shift domains/emails from Google Enterprise Apps?

Hey all.

I’m recently taking over the IT side of a non-profit organisation which previously had a non-IT person handling IT. As such I’m trying to consolidate the IT and restructure it in a way that is IT-efficient.

Their Top-Level Domain was registered through Google Enterprise Apps, through Google Domains. The registrar is Enom. Their website is hosted on hostmonster, as a WHOIS lookup shows. Emails are opened through Google Apps.

I’ve handled situations where website and email were hosted together at the same place, but I’ve never seen such situations where email goes to one place and website points to another.

I’m planning to shift everything through to Hostmonster (to save costs – our NPO is small) including email. Currently the domain is managed through the Google Enterprise Apps control panel, under Domains. How can I shift everything through to Hostmonster? Obviously it’s not an issue with pointing the dns servers to Hostmonster, because that’s done. I want to move the email service now though. Do you all know?


Mail routing for a domain is handled in DNS by a record called the MX record, which specifies a host to send the mail to. I assume the DNS configuration has the domain name pointed to the hostmonster server and the MX record is pointed to the google mail server. You would need to change the MX record to point to whatever the new mail server is.

21 September

Why do my answers keep getting reported and why do i receive no answer to my appeals?

I’ve had three answers reported now as being violations, when they clearly aren’t. They are accurate and helpful answers. People ask how to create web sites and i give them accurate answers along with helpful links to cheapest domain names and best hosting.
The only problem that some may have with my answers is they show people how to do things that web developers would prefer you didn’t know.
I want to know why my answers are being reported, who is reporting them, why yahoo does not respond to my appeals, and why false reporters are being permitted to continue?
Dee: Yes i’ve thought about that, but then surely yahoo should look at the appeal and make a decision?
If a dedicated reporter were to LEARN the community guidelines before getting trigger happy with his or her self appointed righteousness, they might learn that relevant links are NOT a violation.
Thanks for your answer anyway.
Ray: I have always recommended hostgator, because experience with loads of hosts has shown them to be top. I never used to use an affiliate link, but then realised the amount of times i recommended them i might as well pass on a discount to users as well. But i made this clear on my profile.
However, although i still include the info on my profile, i no longer refer users to it. It’s there if anyone cares to look. The answers that were deleted made no reference to a discount or to my profile.
Also, I have been told in the past by yahoo that putting such info in my profile is acceptable.
ps. No thumbs down from me.

I think Ray nailed it. Related links are always ok, but when you ask people to contact you for other info, there’s too much potential for you using the site as advertising. And that’s one of the biggest no-no’s of all, regardless how polite you are.

I’m sure the link itself in your profile is fine, but it’s not part of the direct answer to the question.

21 September

How to start a blog using my own domain ?

Hi, I want to start a blog which will follow the life of my newborn little girl. I have a domain name in mind and its available. I have read lots but am still confused as to what to do ? Google blog, link to domain ? Buy web hosting, host myself ? Use wordpress, link to domain ?
Im confused bigtime, pls help and pls try to keep it simple for me as im no Bill Gates.
Thanks !

Ok it’s quite easy to do, and I will try and give you all the options in an easy-to-understand format:

Option#1 – BLOGGER/BLOGSPOT the easiest way to get started would be to get a blogger (blogspot) account from Google and start a blog using their sub-domain ‘whateveryouwant.blogspot.com’.
When you are up and running and have got to grips with your blog, you can, at ANY time just switch to your own domain – ie. buy the domain you want (from GoDaddy, any other domain supplier or via Google). Then you just ‘point’ your domain at your host server (blogger), and using the blogger dashboard, ‘tell’ blogger that you are using your own domain. It’s really very simple, and thousands of people do it (I have a couple of blogs set up that way). It doesn’t matter WHEN you switch to your own domain, as what happens is the blogspot domain is still there and the new domain just points at the same blog. You will find plenty of ‘how to’ guides for pointing your domain at a blogspot blog.
The best thing about this is that the blogging platform is totally free (free hosting) and it is really intuitive to use.

Option#2 – WORDPRESS – honestly NOT for the faint-hearted.. WP is a fantastic CMS (content management system) but unless you are experienced or prepared to get stuck in and start a fairly steep learning curve, you may end up more confused than you are already. You can start a free WP blog at wordpress.com (free hosting) and I think it is also possible to then point your domain the same way as you can with blogger/blogspot… BUT if you buy your own hosting, it will get expensive and for what you want to do, there is no need to pay out anything other than the charge for the domain.

Basically a website comprises:

You have figured out how to buy a domain, so that’s covered – there is no need to buy hosting and a domain from the same supplier – it is easy to transfer your domain to another provider if you don’t like the service or the charges (no so easy if they are also supplying the hosting).
I have highlighted an article in the ‘what’s your source’ link below that talks about ‘pointing’ your domain at a host server – click through for specific instructions for ‘godaddy’ and ‘1and1’ – don’t worry about the email (MX records) part of it as you probably won’t be concerned about email for this particular domain. You should use the ‘nameserver’ option.
If you choose blogger/blogspot or wordpress.com (their own site) then you won’t pay any hosting – if you ‘go-it-alone’ (ie. buy you own hosting and set up a WP blog) you will end up paying fees. The pages are automatically generated on blogger, and on WP by the built-in CMS software.

If anything is unclear, or if you want to discuss further, don’t hesitate to get in touch and I will do my best to help out.

21 September

When you switch domain registrar’s and only have a domain without a web page is your domain considered parked?

I only have a domain name that doesn’t have a web page anymore. The place I have the name now is too expensive. If I switch my Domain Registrar is my domain considered parked at my new registrar when I transfer the domain name? I know if I had a web page I would have to pay extra web hosting fees. Is the transfer all I need to do or will I have extra charges for only having them be by registrar without my domain having any web page?

As an experienced webmaster I recommend BH web hosting which I’m sure it would work for you and fulfill all your requirements. They have a really great offer for hosting & I have used them for over 4 yrs now, and have never had a single problem with them.

You can reach reviews about this web hosting provider and its latest DISCOUNT COUPONS at:


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Hope this helps.