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27 July

How to get free domain names (.com/.net/.org/.info) for free for 1 year [new method July 2012]

In this video I’m explaining how to get free domain names for 1 year, 100% free!
You can choose one of the following extansions: com, net, org, info.
The method is 100% legit and legal!
Sites being used in the video:

Duration : 0:5:5


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3 March

How to get free domains from Google [com,net,org,info]

This video shows you how to get free domain names from Google and Intuit.
Get as many domains as you want for 5 minutes of work!
The domains that you can choose are: com/net/org/biz/info/name .
Websites used:
Free domain:
Fake Identity:
Free VCC:

In this video I’m showing how to create a free VCC (empty credit card) for the bill
part (they added it 3 days ago!)

Duration : 0:3:55


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